Packed Full of Tech

The DoggyDoor is feature-rich, ensuring you have a product that not only gives you the ability to let your pet outside from wherever you may be, but one that also adds to the security of your home – giving you peace-of-mind. 

A Dog Door That Adds 
Security to Your Home!

We have taken our time developing the DoggyDoor, ensuring we have built a product that you can be confident in. After all, it’s your beloved pets and home’s security we’re talking about!


1080P Fish-eye Camera – With Infrared Night Vision

The DoggyDoor gives you eyes in your home, without you being there. But not just any eyes, HD wide-angle view eyes – imagine that!

Bluetooth and Ultrasonic Sensors

We’ve provided the DoggyDoor with built-in bluetooth and ultrasonic range sensors, meaning you are alerted to where your dog is, and anyone else that shouldn’t be there.

Shatter-Proof, Anti-Scratch Panes

Thick, polycarbonate door panes not only have improved strength compared to glass, but it has an anti-scratch coating just incase your pup claws to come back in. 

Weather-proof Double seal

Much like your double glazed windows, the DoggyDoor has a weather tight double seal, to fight against the elements – keeping business as usual. 

Security Alerts

Get instant security alert notifications straight to your phone, should the DoggyDoor recognise anything untoward going on!

Strong Aluminium Frame

We have used an aluminium door frame to continue providing your home with the same security it had, before you installed a DoggyDoor.


DoggyDoor Lite

The DoggyDoor Lite is a fully automated product, giving your pet the freedom to come-and-go as they please via the built-in Bluetooth and RFID sensors. Get alerts to your DoggyDoor app when your dog leaves or returns and when the door senses a foreign object.


Just like your double glazing, the DoggyDoor is fitted with a weather-proof, double seal.

Bluetooth sensors

To allow your dog the freedom they need, the DoggyDoor Lite uses Bluetooth and RFID sensors.

Aluminium Door frames

To ensure the structural integrity of your door isn’t compromised, the DoggyDoor is fitted with aluminium door frames – as standard. 

Security alerts

Get alerts straight to your phone,, indicating when your dog is using the door. You’ll receive additional notifications should anyone attempt to break into your home via the DoggyDoor.

DoggyDoor PRO

The DoggyDoor PRO comes with everything the DoggyDoor Lite is fitted with, with lots of added tech. 

live video 

Have eyes in your home without being there, with internal and external 1080p live video streams (even at night!) via the DoggyDoor app. 

Ultrasonic sensors

Be notified when your dog wants to go outside with dual ultrasonic sensors.

dual speakers

Either talk directly to your dog, or play pre-recored messages telling them to sit and wait, before you open the door. 

added security features

Get added security with the DoggyDoor PRO. One feature being an infrared security gate, meaning any potential dangers are registered and you are instantly notified via the app.

DoggyDoor’s Compared 

Directly compare the DoggyDoor features through the below matrix. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page here

DoggyDoor Lite
DoggyDoor PRO

Aluminium Door

Automatic Lock

Security Switch

RFID Reader

Bluetooth Sensor

Dual Fisheye Cameras

Dual Ultrasonic Sensors

App Controlled 

Dual Speakers


6 Months
12 Months

Choose now!


How does the video stream work?

The DoggyDoor is connected to your home WiFi router, so as long as you have an internet connection on your phone, you can get a live feed.

How is the DoggyDoor shatter-proof?

We use a composite called ‘polycarbonate’. This is a very strong and durable plastic. We use this instead of glass as it can flex should anyone attempt to break in – whereas glass would break. This mixed with the aluminium frame makes the DoggyDoor very strong!

What’s the difference between the doors?

The main difference is the awareness. Meaning that if you want your dog to have autonomy and don’t need to control the door with the added functionality of cameras and speakers, then the DoggyDoor Lite is the one for you. However, should you want to add peace-of-mind and security to your home, then choose the DoggyDoor PRO. 

How do I know my dog is safe?

All dog owners should have a ‘dog secure’ garden. So when you are at home, you can let your dog out safe in the knowledge that it won’t escape. The same goes for the DoggyDoor, however to give you peace-of-mind the DoggyDoor PRO has external cameras, meaning that you could be anywhere and watch your dog the whole time, before you call it back inside. 

What happens if someone attempts to break in?

When designing the DoggyDoor we took the worst case scenarios into account – we know there are bad people out there! 

With the DoggyDoor PRO, if someone approaches the door with a hand or crowbar for example, it will break the security gate and send you an alert notification. From there you can open the app to inspect what is happening, it could be an intruder, or it could be the neighbours inquisitive cat. Should you miss that notification and and intruder attempt to open the doors, it will tricker a security switch and send you another warning, all while playing an alarm through the speakers.

Furthermore, should someone cover the camera to stop you from viewing their attempted break-in, it blocks a light sensor meaning you will receive a pre-emptive warning notification. If it is blocked, you can play the alarm, call the police or a neighbour to check over the fence. 

I have more than one dog, how does that work?

You’ll be pleased to hear we’ve accounted for homes having multiple dogs. The DoggyDoor has a smart brain and can account for who’s inside and who’s outside. You can see this via the app, we never leave a dog behind!

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DoggyDoor Lite
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  • Fully Automated
  • Bluetooth Sensors
  • Security Notifications
  • Aluminium Frame Construction
DoggyDoor PRO
£ 699 £ 549

All the tech in the DoggyDoor Lite, PLUS…

  • Dual 1080p Cameras with Night Vision
  • Dual Speakers
  • Infrared Security Sensors
  • Increased App Features
  • 12 Month Warranty

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