A Pet Door with You, Your Dog and Your Home Security in Mind.

Our mission is to end dog confinement, giving them the freedom they love and deserve.

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What we know


2020 PDSA figures report 10.1 million dogs in the U.K. – equating to 26% of adults who are responsible for the welfare of a dog.

Dogs left at home for 5 hours or more

Another PDSA statistic. 1,900,000 dogs are left for more than 5 hours a day. The DoggyDoor was created to end this!


Have not considered the responsibility

A 2020 Kennel Club Report highlights one in five new owners who bought a puppy during the pandemic admit they hadn’t fully considered the long-term commitment or responsibility that comes with having a dog.

What is the Solution?

Why hasn’t every dog owner fitted a traditional ‘dog flap’ to their back door? Because they are a huge security risk, that’s why! Not to mention they let a terrible draft into your home. 

We knew dog owners needed a solution to letting their dog outside, without compromising the integrity of their homes. That’s why we designed the DoggyDoor .


The DoggyDoor  has been designed with your home’s security put first. Manufactured from high-grade aluminium & thermal-protective polycarbonate for strength, additionally fitted with a range of security sensors, the DoggyDoor is not only strong, it adds cameras and sensors to your homes security. 


We’ve integrated modern-day technology to the DoggyDoor  to solve a decades-old problem dog owners have faced. Don’t continue to burden your work and social life, while affecting your dogs well-being! Free yourself and your dog in one hit with the introduction of a  DoggyDoor into your home. 


We have given you the ability to control when your dog can go outside without needing to be home, through the  DoggyDoor app. Dual-cameras and speakers give you eyes inside and out, while the speakers continue to allow you to communicate with your dog wherever you are. 

Free Yourself and Your Dog, Buy a DoggyDoor, Today!

Remain in Control

The DoggyDoor app gives you access to the full-spectrum of features the DoggyDoor has, meaning you remain in control at all times! 


Safety begins at the door with your unique DoggyDoor account. Meaning you and only you has access to the control of your DoggyDoor. 


You receive notifications direct to your smart phone, giving you up-to-date information about where your dog is. 


A simple to use interface means you can quickly control the DoggyDoor or adjust your settings in only a few taps!


Get a live view of what your little rascal is up to and speak to them directly like you’re still at home. 

Improve Your Pet’s Life, with a DoggyDoor

Our Mission

Every day 1.9 million dogs in the U.K are left indoors, alone for more than 5 hours – with no access to outdoor space…our mission is to end this!

We understand caring for a dog is a huge responsibility and owners make that commitment. However, for decades dog owners have been left with tough choices when caring for their beloved pets. Many times have evenings been cut short and holidays not been possible, but sometimes this can’t be helped and dogs are left for too long.

This can now be a thing of the past with the introduction of a DoggyDoor into your home! We have created the DoggyDoor using advanced technology to provide you with the ability to look after your dog, as if you were at home, without having to be.


How do I know when my dog wants to go outside?

The DoggyDoor is fitted with internal and external sensors. When your dog approaches the door, the sensor will pick them up and send a notification to your DoggyDoor app. 

How does the app work?

In short, after the dog approaches the door and you receive your notification, upon opening the app you can see your dog via the internal camera. You can then command him or her to ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ via live speech or prerecorded messages. When ready, open the door allowing your dog to leave. You can then switch to the external camera to monitor your dog. 

How do I get my dog back inside?

As we know, dogs love outside space, but we wanted to make sure you can get the little tinker back inside. That’s why the DoggyDoor is fitted with an external speaker to call your dog back. Should that fail you can play the same commands on the internal speaker imitating the noise is coming from the inside. As a fail-safe you can play high-frequency dog whistle noises too. 

Can my dog get hurt?

We have taken the safety of your dog very seriously. That’s why the DoggyDoor is fitted with a distance security sensor. Meaning that should your dog put it’s head outside then change their mind (because it’s raining for example), the door will not close on them. The same applies for any hesitant dogs. 

How secure is the door?

Very! We have designed the DoggyDoor to ensure it doesn’t lower the current security credentials your home has via standard double glazing. In fact we wanted the DoggyDoor to improve the security of your home. That’s why it’s fitted with a variety of sensors and security devices which will alert you should there be any attempt to break in via the DoggyDoor.

We wanted to provide you with a safe dog door and home security features such as internal and external security cameras (with night-vision) and intruder alarm. For example, should someone attempt to break into your house via the DoggyDoor it will trigger a safety switch, sending you a security alert and sound the intruder alarm. You can then open the app to view if there is any danger. 

Can I fit the DoggyDoor?

The choice is yours. The DoggyDoor comes with installation instructions and has been designed so that it is D.I.Y-able. however, should you want to fit the door to a brick wall, we would recommend asking a professional…unless you are one, then crack on! 

What happens if I miss the notification?

We know you can’t have your phone on loud, or in your hands at all times and appreciate missing notifications may be a worry, especially any security warnings! That’s why you can create notification groups via the DoggyDoor app to ensure more trusted people can let your pet in or out of your home, much like when you are at home.

Additionally, you can create several accounts to allow whoever you like to have the DoggyDoor app on their phones.

These steps will dramatically reduce the chances of missing any notifications. 

One Size Fits All

Quick and simple to install, the DoggyDoor can be fitted by yourself or a professional. 


Fitting to UPVC is a quick and simple process. Should your door have a half UPVC panel, the side bevel is simply removed whereupon the panel can be removed, cut and the DoggyDoor installed. The DoggyDoor incorporates the thickness of a UPVC door as standard. 

wood & Glass

Installing into wood is a similar process to UPVC and can be done with ease. When fitting to glass, please ensure the glass is pre-cut. The company that installed the glass will also provide cutting as a service. From there the DoggyDoor is easily installed. 


When installing into brick, please consult a professional or employ their services. Unless you are capable to cut the brick yourself, we don’t recommend doing it. 

To account for the thickness of the walls and the cavity, DoggyDoor owners can choose an extended ‘tunnel’.

Ask Us Anything

We have a genuine passion for our product and our mission, so please ask us anything. 

Freedom is Only a Tap Away